May. 1st, 2017

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It seems so strange that LJ is basically dead to any of us that won't let Russia tell us what to do. 15 YEARS of life and memories that thankfully could be transferred here but now we've got to figure out how everything works.

Paul & I have been trying to get this house refinanced for 2 years and just the weirdest crap keeps coming up to delay it and this latest one is the appraisal came in crazy low. We even filed a rebuttal but appraisers are beholden to like, nobody so nothing much came of it. We could have still gone through with it & were waiting for rates to stabilize but after talking with our finance unicorn figured the only way to get the rate and payment we want would be to bring $12K to closing (because sure, who doesn't have $12K hanging around on a moment's notice?) due to the low appraisal. So she & I thought...that appraisal expires soon, let's get a different one. She was over the other day dropping off some paperwork and got to see the progress we were making on repainting the living room and saw the granite we're going to use for the new mantel and the new light fixture in the dining room and figured a $500 appraisal could save us tens of thousands and appraisals are happening much more quickly (it took MONTHS to schedule last time). With that in mind I spent the weekend finishing the living room paint and boy are my arms tired *rimshot*

Now I'm in this weird place that I get thanks to Rupus where I'm full of energy but I can't move. I liken it to having mono, when you started to feel a bit better and thought "I can totally get up and do all these things today, I feel good! I've got oomph!" and then you go to get up and physically can't. Body say "NO". I was just so psyched to get things accomplished that I want to keep going and we know I'm never good at limits. Drug #373593743876 is doing OK. I seem to have hit a wall like 3 drugs ago but I can mostly function and I'm so tired of new drugs and new side effects that I'm just staying put for a while. I just get frustrated because things take me so long. We've been in the house a little over 2 years and have removed the wallpaper in the kitchen and repainted, removed the wallpaper mural in the TV room and painted that wall (all the walls are actual wood paneling and I'm hesitant to paint over it. The feature wall looks nice but I hate painting good wood. Maybe I'll do a light white-wash), put tile on the master bath floor, changed the TV room light fixtures, changed the dining room light fixture, and now the living room focal wall and other walls. Those last 3 have been done since January when the last appraiser came. This would take normal people like less than 6 months. Fucking Rupus. My living room sure is pretty though.


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