Feb. 18th, 2015

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I do not have the plague...though I'm still dubious. With my luck I'll incubate until no other person alive could still muster an illness and THEN come down with it. It's pneumonia, by the way. We found out our houseguest/squatter was in the hospital for about 4 days with it. Awesome. Also, during my "OHGODNONONO" google-ing I realized I had walking pneumonia when we got back from Denver. Because I am fancy. Thankfully Dr. Gorman had figured it was *something* deserving of a course of antibiotics and that plus waiting it out is all you can do, which is what I did. But still, dang.

We're mostly settled here and are hitting that "oh shoot, we need X" phase that tends to cost more than you think. Of course, I am a cheap bastard. There's the "Hey, we give a damn about this house and want to make it awesome. Let's hang up all of our artwork!" part. That part requires a bunch of frames for previously un-framed stuff and of COURSE nothing we have can be a normal size that you can buy at Target or whatever so I had to buy them on Amazon and $$$. Then there's the "these blinds aren't enough for our day-sleeping vampire eyes and hanging up our old curtains by clamping them to the valence rod makes us look like hillbillies"  part. So I scour the intertubes and find nice ones at Target and $$$. New bookcase and $$$. Building pantry staples back up and $$$. Replacing exterior door hardware and then replacing a door because the doorknob was set really far in on the other door but we're keying everything to work on the same key so we need to replace that whole door and $$$. Our tax refund was pretty hefty though since the house closed before the end of the year and we got to deduct ALL that shiz, so it's not like we can't afford it but I'm bad at spending large-ish sums of money.

Since we moved I got a hold of Robbie to see what he wanted out of the gear he had left in the basement and to make him come carry stuff. But now I just miss being in a band again. Part of it is wanting to be back on a stage. We've been so wrapped up in the house stuff for the last many months that I'm feeling really isolated and want people to clap for me. The biggest part though I think is just wanting that band camaraderie back. I miss the jokes and practice and post-practice hang-outs. I'm toying with the idea of getting a couple friends together and doing like a Smiths/Morrissey or college radio cover night just to get it out of my system.


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