instantkarmma: (BS)
2016-07-12 01:02 am

Nope. Can't.

There is too much coming at me. I got hit HARD with depression a couple weeks ago and felt like I'd been clawing my way out until a few days ago. More black men dead. A surprising amount of #alllivesmatter BS from people I know. My heart hurts, I'm just f*cking broken. Then I get word yesterday that a friend of ours got beaten up by her boyfriend. Luckily my brother was over there visiting for the weekend (they live..er..she *lived* in Idaho) and woke up to her screaming his name. He punched the dude, headlock/choked him out and threw him out of the apartment where, thanks to nosy neighbors, the cops were already pulling up. James doesn't know a lot about my time with Stump (he was young, it's not something that comes up in everyday conversation) but I'm so proud of him. He stepped up and stepped in. But I'm like...out of emotions. I truly have nothing left to give but I keep on giving. I'm so tired. I'm SO tired and broken and empty. I need things to stop.