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I've been helping Uncle Jim with his website and he actually gave in and made a facebook page (I am his only friend, but this way he can monitor and interact on his artwork page). He calls me at least once or twice a week and I have to spend like 30 minutes walking him through something. It's really kind of adorable, but I've been so damn exhausted lately I hate to hear the phone ring for any reason. But apparently my grandfather asked about me when he was at Uncle Jim's on Christmas and mom & I about passed out.

Some history: I have not seen or spoken to my mom's father since I was two years old. Neither has she. He cheated on my grandmother and left her for another woman and wasn't discrete about it. She had no way to support herself and Uncle Jim was young enough that he still lived with her. This is how I acquired Grandma & Crappa- they were mom's parent's best friends until Jack split and they stayed loyal to Grandma. After she died, they took over as my grandparents. Mom helped her fight to get alimony and half of his State Patrol pension. After she died, mom sued him. She would have inherited that money eventually but since Grandma died so soon afterward there weren't really any plans or a will in place. So she sued him, it was a precedent-setting case that's still in law books. So naturally, there's a rift there. She had my dad and grandma & crappa, etc. but Uncle Jim didn't have any other family so he went to live with his dad and they had a pretty normal relationship. But even if Uncle Jim brings us up, Jack's never asked about us. I ask about Jack every so often because I know he's having health issues and I want Uncle Jim to have family he can talk to about it.

Back to the present: Uncle Jim is showing Jack new artwork on his tablet and shows him the facebook page I made him and all the people who have liked and commented and Jack asks "are there any pictures of your niece on there?" Who knows where that came from and I can't begin to read into that but of all the things to catch you off guard...
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