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The pharmacy switched manufacturers of my anti-depressant/anxiety meds. Walgreen's used to do it all the damn time, which is why I switched. So I know which ones work and which ones don't. The pharmacists try and tell you "it's the same medicine!" and yes, the active ingredient is the same but the inactive ones aren't and the release rates vary and all of that affects the absorbtion and your body's reaction. I'm really not sure why they do this. I understand they are businesses and need to be cognizent of costs and they get what their warehouse sends them. With most medications, this likely isn't an issue but damn this is people's (sometimes very FRAGILE) mental health that they are toying with. And I wish there were an option that if your prefered brand wasn't available or the cheapest that you could pay the discrepancy and keep things consistent.

Because right now my mental health is precariously balanced on the head of a pin and swaying dangerously. Thankfully I filled my prescriptions early last time so I still had some of the good pills left and have been mixing them with the sugar pills they stuck me with. Plus I knew these pills did nothing so I have that knowledge in the back of my head when things feel like they are getting out of control to try and ground myself. Stuff always sneaks through though and it can't be stopped. The other night I was crying because I couldn't feed all the raccoons. Like *ALL* the raccoons everywhere ever. But Paul knows and Alice knows so if thngs get wierd they can step in. May was a rough month for me for various reasons and I finally felt like things were settling back down. Guh. I didn't realize my balance was so delicate.
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