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Not really a "new years" resolution but more of a "moved here, fresh start" resolution. I try to get out of the house at least 3 of the 4 days Paul works each week, because fresh air & sanity & social interaction whathaveyou. Since we moved I've decided when I do go out I'm going to at least wear a bra (now that I have a couple of front-hooking ones I can manage on my own) and some lipstick (basically colored chapstick to be honest) to feel a bit more human. I've succeeded about 85% of the time and it does help put me in a better mindset. Being constantly at war with my body, it seems beneficial to have this little truce and try to take some pride in what I'm still able to do.

Rupus and pleurisy have kept me away from yoga for a while & that hurts my heart. I'm trying to remind myself that it's going to take me longer to recover from the mess that was our home-buying process & that beating myself up about it will only make things worse both mentally and physically. I miss class though and I really miss Pamela. She's so encouraging and understands my crap so well. I'm wondering if part of my lack of motivation is that the last time I made it to class (for the first time since we moved) there was a substitute teacher and now I'm a little gun shy to go and have it not be the class I'm expecting again. It was a weird hit to the routine-center in my brain.

Tuesday I'm going to get a pedicure with Tami, our mortgage unicorn. It's nice to have someone nearby. It can get lonely when it comes to little things like that since so many people are up in Seattle or further away. Alice comes by every Wednesday but it's not as though she lives down the block and I don't want to be this company-hungry friend asking her to come this far out of her way all the time after working. Saturday we're getting together with John & Alan for our first strategy session for the smiths/Morrissey show we're putting on, probably in August to time things with my drugs. So I'm getting some stuff on the horizon and that's nice since my horizon has been pretty empty for a while.


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