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Well the past few days have certainly been FUN! I had an appointment with Dr. Gorman Friday that just could not come too soon. I've been having weird back/occasional chest pain. Too high to be kidneys so I wasn't *super* worried. I talked to my friend Beth who is an RN and we came to the conclusion it was likely pleurisy (the outer lining of the lungs become inflamed, not uncommon with autoimmune diseases). When I talked to my mom the next day she suggested ice packs and ibuprofin or percocet for the pain (muscle relaxers didn't help) and I tried to get into see my primary care doctor. By this past Friday, this had been going on nearly two weeks. Well lucky me, traffic was so bad I never made it out of Tacoma. I had called Dr. Gorman and I was going to be her last appointment that day because she had to leave ASAP so there was no chance of being squished in when I managed to get there. I'm guessing that added stress turned my pressure pain into a sharp pain and I thought "hey, I'm near an ER...I'm gonna go to there just to be sure this is what I think it is" Well the PA that first day came in after all my labs were done and was all "show me/tell me" about the pain and then went "KIDNEYS!" despite my manymanymany assurances that I both actually knew where my kidneys were and that wasn't where the pain was AND that I had had kidney infections before but since I didn't have a fever and my urine was normal there was no reason to think it was kidneys. Paul got there not long before they took me for my cat scan. After a while the PA comes back in and says "well the scan and your labs say it's not kidney related (NO! REALLY???) but it looks like you're awfully constipated." "I'm not though..." "Well sure, you can see it here on the scans. Now, this can happen when you get dehydrated..." at which point Paul cuts him off and says "she's not though, she drinks more water a day than anyone I know because she knows it's easy for her to become dehydra-" and the PA cuts him off to say "well then you have to look at diet. See, when you eat a diet full of meat and cheese and not enough fiber then you can get stopped up!" and both Paul and I were like "um...I don't think" and he says "well, what have you had to eat so far today?" and I said nothing and he looks at me like I must be trying to starve the piggy pounds off and says "WHY NOT???" and I told him I had just woken up less than two hours before I got to the hospital "oh, and you just *weren't hungry*?" "No, I normally don't eat until I've been up for a few hours otherwise my stomach gets upset" and then he sends me home with something that is supposed to make me poop, convinced that is the root of all of my problems and tells me to come back the next day to be rechecked. I asked why, since my labs and scans came back clean and he's like "well...just in case" In case what? You wrote me off because I'm fat and you assumed I didn't know what I was talking about? In case it was related to one of the drugs I take that you never asked me about? At this point I wouldn't let Paul touch me because I would dissolve into tears because I was so hurt and upset. Like every doctor that came before Dr. Gorman, he wrote me off because I was fat and if I was fat I couldn't possibly know anything about my health.

Headed back for my recheck the next day and thank the good lord it wasn't the same staff. The new PA asked about all the meds I take and what made me decide to come in the day before and what the previous PA did/said and he's like "that weird, that pain isn't near your kidneys. Why was he so insistent?" Good question, dude. "So...did you poop?" Oh yeah, I was hollow inside at this point. "And the pain didn't change?" Nope. He said he'd rerun my labs and wanted to do a CT of my chest to rule out a PE but that he thought I likely had something called pleurisy at which I threw my hands up in triumph and Paul said "that's what she's been saying it is the whole time" We sat there way too long, but it turned out it was good that we did because you have to wait 24 hours between cat scans that use contrast dye and when the CT guy came to get me it had *just* been 24 hours. Scan was clear, no PE (which is something Mom, Beth, & I were glad to have ruled out) and I got to go home with a diagnosis of (surprise!) pleurisy.

Now I'm back to my routine of ice packs and anti-inflammatories until I can get back in with Dr. Gorman but I'll call her nurse tomorrow and will likely have to do a course of steroids to try and get this under control.

Fun times, y'all. FUN. TIMES.


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