Jun. 9th, 2015

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My uncle Jim has recently gotten into painting. He'd done some watercolors when he was younger, spent a lot of years designing/building/painting model train layouts (he's in magazines and on tours and everything), then some photography on his vacations and now he's painting things inspired by those photos. He won the audience award at last year's art show in Ocean Shores and we have a couple of his pieces. (He gave me one last year that he made with me in mind because it reminded him of something my grandma/his mom would have hung up behind her sofa. So there's that first stab) Interest has been building so a month or so ago he asked me if I'd make a website for him and run the business side. Thankfully they make easy "build a website!" sites, because that's not really my forte. I got it up and running over the last weekend and him not being um...well versed in tech stuff, he's been over here quite a bit checking things out and giving me the go ahead. I talked to him today about some little bugs he'd noticed on the site. Then he remembered something but called my mom because he didn't want to "pester" me and asked *her* to give me the message. While they were talking he said "Jill, I just want you to know what a cool kid you have. She's so smart and cool and can do so much. I left there yesterday thinking 'If my kids were just 1/10 the person Mel is I'd be so happy' I'm so glad she's doing this" There's that gaping wound. It's such a nice compliment but it hurts all the same because he doesn't have a good relationship with his kids, or any relationship really. He'll be the first to admit he wasn't the best husband but he was a great father. When he and his wife split up, she moved back to New Hampshire with their daughter and their son stayed with him. His wife poisoned that little girl against him from day one and that was the last he heard from her. A few years later his son went back to visit one summer and never came back. It's such a crazy situation. It's like, I'm glad I can help him out with his artwork but I hate thinking that it's a reminder of how shitty his kids are. What a fun position to be in :/


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