Jan. 12th, 2015

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I can write some of these off to "new house, still getting used to where we put things, smacking my shins on EVERYTHING" but I've got some massive bruises in odd places. Like the entire lower left quadrant of my torso. Not a clue how it could have happened. I'm beginning to worry that it's due to one of the drugs, because I'm super-pale and every little spot shows up on me but this is way out of hand. I'm honestly freaking out a bit that my RA/Lupus might be flaring back up. My hips and knees have been aching so badly that I'm having trouble sleeping and have been napping for hours every day which is really out of character for me. And my fingers are getting "sticky", I've had to pry my right hand open pretty regularly over the past week. Ugh.

We're getting close to having the house unpacked and arranged and getting things figured out. I was so excited to have good bathtubs but it seemed like we could never get the water hot enough and it like the hot water ran out on the quick side when taking showers. This weekend though I found the temp setting thing on the water heater and cranked it up so I think the problem is solved. Things stayed nice and hot when I took my shower today. And holy cow we have a kitchen table in the middle of our giant kitchen that is actually easy and enjoyable to cook in. It's slowly starting to feel like we live here, not like we're staying in someone else's house


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