Jan. 5th, 2015

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We actually closed the day of Christmas Eve. Everyone involved (title company types) were all "what a lovely Christmas gift for you!" while Paul, Tami, & I were thinking "about f*cking time, bitches. We've been at this since August." Seriously, four bloody months to finish this up AND now the loan comapny is trying to fudge the terms. Tami set it up so that the overall cost of the mortgage insurance was rolled into the loan itself rather than be a monthly payment, which is really in their favor because that way it's a part of the financed cost rather than something we can re-fi out of in 6 months. So even though we have keys and 90% of our stuff is here now it still doesn't seem resolved or complete. Because who would want to be done dealing with something so SUPER-FUN?!?!

I did a deeper closet purge a few days after we moved in partly because my folded stuff wasn't fitting the way I wanted and partly because it was time to get rid of some things that still fit but that I wouldn't need, like super-professional clothes. I figure if I ever need anything like that again I can build that part of my wardrobe back up with clothing people are wearing this century.

Paul has been working his ass off getting everything moved. By the time we actually got the keys any hope of getting movers was dead. James and Alice came by to be the real muscle and Mom & Steve came and brought Mom's friend Patti who she's known since high school. Patti actually moved quite a bit herself and she & mom helped me unpack the kitchen. While we were doing that they were reminiscing about the neighborhood (my mom grew up a few blocks away) and Patti was saying "it's still so familiar! I mean Dan's (her husband) sister lives over here and so-and-so's house is further up this street and a man my mom used to see, Mr. X, lived on that corner there." and I said "X? No, that's this house. That's the name of who we bought it from." Which shows you how small the world is. She immediately called her mom and we all had quite the laugh. And while the Xs left some things behind that we like (a kitchen table and entertainment center & desk) they left quite a few things we don't want or need and getting rid of them while trying to arrange our own stuff is proving to be a bit of a headache, especially for Paul who is having an itchy brain over "too much stuff!" in the way.

So yeah. Moved, but still no closure. But at least I don't have to go downstairs to the bathroom at night :)


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